[linux] Irix 6.5

peter woodman pjjw at u.washington.edu
Tue Jun 14 12:24:17 PDT 2005

Josh Caldwell wrote:

> Does anybody know where I can buy (or trade for) a copy of Irix 6.5?

> Picked up an Indigo2 from Boeing surplus a little while back (they still

> have a couple of Indigo2s and Octanes if anyone's interested) and have

> been searching ever since. I'm watching ebay, but I thought I'd check

> locally as well.


> Thanks,

> Josh

I may indeed have this- i used to have a fridge of a machine that ran
Irix. I no longer own that machine, and have no problems giving up the
software.. I'll know on Wednesday what version it is.

Peter Woodman
IT Support
College of Education
University of Washington

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