[linux] Free alternative to PHPNuke?

Jim Hogan jimh at u.washington.edu
Fri Jun 24 08:40:07 PDT 2005


You didn't say a lot about your requirements, but it sounded like
"something like PHP-Nuke that isn't (PHP-Nuke)". One other useful site
that I don't think I saw mentioned is cmsmatrix.org. Their "narrow the
matrix" search option lets you plug in lots of criteria to boil down a
list of candidates.

I guess you could say we went looking for "something like PHP-Nuke" as
well. For one, PHP-Nuke apparently lacked LDAP capability.
Secondarily, the single point of failure (one developer) aspect wasn't
very reassuring.

It looked like it was pretty much down to PostNuke and Mambo (there were
a few others like Xoops, but some of those made more use of javascript
than I'd like). Not being a CMS junkie, I wasn't aware of the PostNuke
fork of Xaraya...we stumbled on it late in the game but it does look
like the best option. Mambo has the most gorgeous admin interface but
lacks support at this time for some important things like custom
groups. PostNuke has a longer feature list than Mambo, but it is a bit
jumbled, in my opinion; the on-line resources for it are a challenge and
seem to assume that you live and breath PostNuke.

I would take cmsmatrix feature listings with a grain of salt. In the
case of both PostNuke and Mambo, each are credited with "LDAP
authentication", but in both cases, when you look closer, LDAP support
seems grafted on -- "pre-release", "hack" -- not quite fully baked.
Xaraya is missing some things, but what is there seems pretty well
integrated; they have some nice integrated guidance/documentation as
well. Re: Brian's note about calendar, I poked around last evening and
did find a calendar module for it, "Julian"
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/julian/); for version 0.2.2, it looks
pretty functional. The core BBS module, xarBB, seems pretty decent, but
I'm not seeing a way yet to enable attachments and the search function
is pretty limited, both things that would be useful. Lots of other good
stuff ready to install if you download the "everything" tarball.

Anyhow, happy hunting.


Garrett Cooper wrote:

> Hmmmm... Well, if it has a calendar-cool. If not, I'm not really

> worried. All I need is a decent base for content control since I'm not

> really hip on coding a bunch of webpages from scratch (that's all I

> do; I don't use HTML editors like Frontpage since they come in a too

> pre-canned feel for me).

> -Garrett


> Brian Haney wrote:


>> Just yesterday I test-installed Xaraya, which is a fork of PostNuke,

>> which is a fork of PHPNuke, all GPL. Looks very good and with an active

>> development community. Still needs a working calendar.


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