[linux] Linux thin terminals and touch screen drivers...

Jon Larson jtlarson at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 3 08:37:32 PDT 2005

The display portion works fine once I placed the necessary refresh rate and
resolution in the "thinstation.buildtime.conf" file. The conf file also has
options to include USB drivers for mice, but I've tried the following
settings which are recommended for USB mice and I still get zero response
from the cursor when touching the screen:


Is there a command I could use through a SSH terminal to check and see what
mouse hardware was detected? Maybe I just need to tweak the settings above.

Jon Larson
Computer Systems Analyst II
University of Washington School of Law


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On Sep 30, 2005, at 2:12 PM, Jon Larson wrote:

Hi folks,

This is a first-time post from a relatively an "occasional" Linux user, so I
beg your indulgence ahead of time.

Here's my issue: I'm trying to set up three thin client kiosks based on
Thinstation 2.2-beta6 (http://www.thinstation.org/). The idea is that the
kiosks will boot from a CD-Rom and run a Windows RDP client that connects to
a 2003 server. I've got all that working using basic components, but I'm a
bit stuck on how to integrate support for the USB touch screen into the CD

I've done my homework and found the following post that explains the basic
idea, but I'm honestly not sure how to interpret terms like "source dir,"
"compile the driver from "inside,"" or what files/folders would need to be
copied from the dev version to the regular build version.

I'm hoping that someone in the UW community might have some experience with
this sort of thing, or at least give me some idea of where to look for
howto's, wiki's, etc., on this subject.

Here's the post:

Download the developers version of Thinstation, copy the tarball (your
driver) over to the source dir. Then compile the driver from "inside"
the TS dev version (./RUNME if i remember correctly), copy it over to
your Thinstation (build version) packages dir and rebuild the image.

And here's what the Thinstation FAQ has to say:

Q: Can I add my own package to Thinstation?
A:Yes. It requires some Linux/programming skills, though.
Make a folder in packages and make a copy of the package template and
distribute all your files in the directory layout the Thinstation style,
i.e. packages/<your app>/bin and packages/<your app>/lib. Don't use sbin,
put everything in bin. Also, don't use var, or usr, these are just symlinks
to tmp, everything in temp is created through the etc/init.d/XXXX scripts.
Use /etc/init.d/XXXX scripts to do all your initilization as only tmp is
writable. All other files are read-only, so anything which needs to be
changed, needs to be a symlink to a file in temp. You need to link against
glibc 2.1.3 (available precompiled from the thinstation-developer source
You'll find ldd very useful to determine dependencies.

The developers' version and regular build versions that the post refers to
are both available here:

I need to install support for two different touch screen models, which have
the Linux drivers available below:

http://www.a-touch.com.tw/driver/ATouch-Linux-USB.zip --- from


Any help you guys can provide would be much appreciated.

Jon Larson
Computer Systems Analyst II
University of Washington School of Law

It doesn't really sound like you need to do much to the LiveCD other than
possibly compile the necessary kernel drivers for the LCD screen, but that
just may be pretty plug and play too depending on the actual interfacing
required for the LCD. Don't take my word for it though...
This does require a bit of research as I am not sure whether this particular
driver is included in the XFree86/X.org drivers or not.
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