[linux] WebDAV issue

Travis Saling trav at myuw.net
Wed Oct 5 14:48:58 PDT 2005

Hey all,

I am experimenting with WebDAV on Apache 2 (RHEL3, PAM back-end), and I'm
running into an odd issue. If I enable WebDAV on a directory that contains
an .htaccess file, it seems to supress the action of the .htaccess file - in
other words, the protected directory becomes wide open to anyone with a web

To enable WebDAV I'm basically using this code inside of

<Location /important_stuff>
Dav On
AuthType Basic
AuthName "your account for WebDAV access"
require group us them

I tried adding an "AllowOverride AuthConfig Limit" to this, but still the
directory remains open to the world. WebDAV works correctly though. ;-)

Can anyone provide me with a clue? I've tried Googling, but have only found
other folks with the same complaint.


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