[linux] RHEL status update

Josh Larios jdlarios at cac.washington.edu
Wed Oct 12 15:51:05 PDT 2005

RHEL4 Update 2 and RHEL3 update 6 installation disc images are available
from https://www.washington.edu/computing/software/sitelicenses/rhel/

I've created an activation key for Academic Year 2005-2006, and posted it
to https://www.washington.edu/computing/linux/rhnsat.html

Systems registered using the activation key which was previously available
will continue to get updates until November 30, 2005. The previous
expiration date had been October 31, but I missed the deadline for
providing a new key, so I'm pushing the expiration date back.

If you registered a system using the key for 2004-2005, you'll need to
re-register your system with the new key before December 1, 2005. At that
point, any systems still registered with the old key will stop receiving
updates. (If you have a departmental activation key, this doesn't apply to

I've also updated the documentation at
https://www.washington.edu/computing/linux/ to reflect that the UW's RHN
Satellite is available for general use at this point. I'm still working on
improving the documentation for how to install and activate your system
(to do: screenshots, and instructions for departments with large numbers
of systems), but there's no reason to keep saying that the RHN Satellite
is in testing.

If you have any questions or comments, please either let me know directly
or mail help at cac.washington.edu


Josh Larios, Unix Consultant
Computing & Communications Client Services
University of Washington, Seattle

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