[linux] Recommend an info->anything_readable converter

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 17 10:45:56 PDT 2005

Ethan Merritt wrote:

> Google has failed me :-(


> Given that "info" has got to be the most user unfriendly

> documentation tool ever invented, and also given that

> some packages provide only *.info files as documetation,

> I really want a tool to convert *.info files into something

> readable. I don't much care what that is - plain text or

> a man page seems the most likely, but html would be OK.


> Can anyone recommend an info2something filter?


> Google only turned up a little known tool info2pod.

> I tried that after downloading from the home web site,

> but it didn't work.


1. try pinfo, you might find info files usable (it
works like lynx instead of the brain-dead "info" reader)

2. the .info files are actually produced from .texi in
most cases, find them and use texi2html... or just use
the HTML that most stuff ships with in /usr/share/doc/
You don't say what distribution you're on, but these
might help:

rpm -ql pgkname |grep doc
dpkg --listfiles pgkname | grep doc

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