[linux] Recommend an info->anything_readable converter

Jonathan Nicol jnicol at backnine.org
Mon Oct 17 12:55:32 PDT 2005

Here is an Info plugin for vi:


Quoting Phillip Garland <pgarland at u.washington.edu>:

> Texinfo (the text processor that outputs Info files) also supports

> outputting to HTML, XML, DocBook, PDF, DVI, and plain text. If you

> have the texinfo package installed, and the texinfo sources for your

> documentation, you should be able to generate those formats by using

> the `makeinfo', `texi2dvi', or `texi2pdf' commands. See the

> documentation for texinfo and those commands for details,


> but generally its just a matter of doing something like:


> makeinfo --html foo.texi


> or


> texi2pdf foo.texi


> Nobody needs another man vs. info or emacs vs. the universe debate,

> but I prefer info documentation because it integrates well with emacs

> (although the woman mode for reading man pages is also very nice), is

> searchable hypertext, has a hierarchal structure, and an index and a

> table of contents


> ~Phillip


> On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Ethan Merritt wrote:


>> Google has failed me :-(


>> Given that "info" has got to be the most user unfriendly

>> documentation tool ever invented, and also given that

>> some packages provide only *.info files as documetation,

>> I really want a tool to convert *.info files into something

>> readable. I don't much care what that is - plain text or

>> a man page seems the most likely, but html would be OK.


>> Can anyone recommend an info2something filter?


>> Google only turned up a little known tool info2pod.

>> I tried that after downloading from the home web site,

>> but it didn't work.


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