[linux] followup from newbie with a quad-core

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Mon Mar 3 13:28:08 PST 2008

No problem, and glad the new machine is working out!

Sounds like your applications might have been a particularly
bad fit for the P4's NetBurst architecture. Gory details at

Tony Black wrote:

> I want to thank list members 'joshuadf' and 'mbw" for the quick and accurate

> responses to my initial post on Friday. I received the machine early

> afternoon Friday and had it configured and running 8 jobs by 4:30.


> Additional thanks to 'joshuadf' for being at his phone when I called for

> partitioning guidance.


> You guys were right on about this job profile being CPU bound; the machine

> is using a fraction of the 8 GB memory. However, the quad-core smokes and

> we are giddy about the apparent throughput of this machine doing 8 jobs in

> two days where our P4 machines were doing 1 job in 4 days.


> After doing some more research on my own, I will return to the list with

> questions about how to pass the SIT certification hurdle and get this

> machine on the network.


> Tony Black

> Research Consultant - Systems Information Manager

> Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

> University of Washington

> Harborview Research & Training Building, Room 610

> Box 359640

> 206-897-5382 (desk phone)

> 206-930-9590 (cell/pager)



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