[linux] Anyone Using Drupal?

Scott Rose rose at cs.washington.edu
Wed Mar 19 22:52:37 PDT 2008

My organization hasn't (yet?) committed to Drupal, despite its
siren-like charms. But here are some hints for finding others that may
be interested.

Somebody sagely suggested checking the techsupport at u list. I'd add that
there is a sharply focused discussion of matters CMS on the
uwweb at u.washington.edu list, and some content in the wiki at


There you will find a list of half a dozen campus organizations that are
using or evaluating Drupal, specifically at


Looking back at the history in the UW list,m I see that one user spoke
up about Drupal: Jim Hogan jimh at u.washington.edu.

BTW, there is a very strong Drupal user community in Vancouver BC. Let
me know if that interests you and I can spelunk for contact information.

Andrew Becherer wrote:

> Hi Everyone,


> I was wondering if anyone else is using the Drupal opensource content

> management system (http://www.drupal.org/)? The Seattle Drupal Users

> Group (SeaDUG) is attempting to hold their second annual Seattle

> Drupal Camp educational event. Seattle Drupal Camp is free with last

> year's food & accommodations sponsored by CivicActions, Pyramid

> Communications, and Uptown Espresso.


> As a recently graduated student (December) and Tacoma campus dweller I

> was wondering if any Drupal people on the Seattle campus were

> interested in helping SeaDUG secure space and network connectivity for

> this event? SeaDUG is shooting for a June 2008 time frame.


> More information about SeaDUG is available at http://groups.drupal.org/seattle.


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