[linux] securing RHEL5 for UWMedicine network

Tony Black tblack at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 26 13:35:22 PDT 2008

I have a RHEL5 workstation that I would like to put on the UWMedicine
network and join to the AMC domain. Being new to Linux, I am a bit baffled
by what is required to:

- firewall the machine and/or provide intrusion detection
- provide for secure remote login
- provide access to secure SANs in the AMC domain
- jump through the various hoops to complete the Security Cetification

If any of you have ever completed the Security Cetification for a RHEL
workstation, or can provide any guidance on the above issues, please let me


Tony Black
Research Consultant - Systems Information Manager
Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
University of Washington
Harborview Research & Training Building, Room 610
Box 359640
206-897-5382 (desk phone)
206-930-9590 (cell/pager)

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