[linux] undergraduate research opportunity in high performance computing

Tara Madhyastha madhyt at u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 10 14:34:48 PST 2011

The Seattle Longitudinal Study, a study of normal human aging that has been
ongoing since 1956, is seeking undergraduate research assistants. Our
current research uses structural and functional MRI to examine the
relationship between changes in brain structure and function and cognition
that occurs with normal aging. One project, described in the link below,
involves developing new parallel tools to analyze brain networks on a
variety of parallel hardware platforms, including the Cray XMT. But we are
also seeking hourly research assistants with skills in programming and in
UNIX to work on a host of other tools.

Please act quickly! Send your resume and a statement of relevant prior
experience or coursework to Dr. Sherry Willis (oldage at u.washington.edu) and
Dr. Tara Madhyastha (tara.madhyastha at gmail.com). If you are interested in
the HPC opportunity, do also apply on the website (but contact us too!)


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