[linux] Omreport (OMSA) on RHEL6

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 30 15:29:39 PDT 2011

On 3/30/2011 [30 Mar] 2:26 PM, Jeremiah D. Jester wrote:


> Has anyone installed Omreport on RHEL 6 yet? I haven’t been able to

> locate a compatible download on Dell’s site.



I haven't done any PERC with el6 yet but typically I start at
http://linux.dell.com/ and click on "hardware monitoring" which should
take you to the latest yum repo which does seem to have some stuff for el6:

Here's a dump of my notes from an el5 install:

wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/software/bootstrap.cgi | bash
wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/hardware/bootstrap.cgi | bash
# wget -q -O - http://linux.dell.com/repo/firmware/bootstrap.cgi | bash

yum -y install srvadmin-base
yum -y install srvadmin-storageservices

omreport storage vdisk

wget http://tools.rapidsoft.de/perc/perc-cheat-sheet.pdf

And for fun, a megacli script:

# wget
# do a verify on last day of month
TDAY=`date -d tomorrow +%d`
if [ $TDAY == "27" ]; then
MegaCli -LDCC -Start -L1 -A0


# Replace file each night
MegaCli -LDInfo -LAll -A0 > $LOG
MegaCli -PDList -aALL | egrep 'Adapter|Enclosure|Slot|Inquiry|Fail|$^'
>> $LOG
egrep -qi '(DEGRADED|INOPERABLE|VERIFY|Consistency)' $LOG
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
cat $LOG

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