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Eugene Sherman eugenes at uw.edu
Mon Nov 4 11:05:46 PST 2013


This message is important to administrators of computers on which the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating system has been, or will be, installed under terms of the UW license.

** Highlights:

The UW Red Hat Satellite server is now accepting systems activated with a new generic key generated for the RHEL group "Academic Year 2013-2014".

The new activation key can be found on the UWARE RHEL installation and configuration page (restricted by UW NetID to current UW students, faculty and staff):


Please do not share the activation key, or transmit it via email.

Systems activated with this key automatically become members of the UW RHEL satellite server group "Academic Year 2013-2014".

** If using a group specific RHEL key, no action is needed:

If a unique key has been generated for your specific RHEL group, you should be using that specific key, instead of the UW generic key.
You may continue to use that specific key and need not make any changes to systems already activated using that specific key.

If you manage a group of Red Hat hosts, please contact help at u.washington.edu<mailto:help at u.washington.edu> to request creation of a UW RHEL satellite server management group for your unit. You must designate the administrator(s) who will be responsible for the registration, activation, maintenance, and updates of the Red Hat systems in your group. A group specific activation key will be created for your use.

** Action needed:

If your system is not using a UW RHEL group specific key, and is already activated with a UW RHEL generic key generated for an earlier year, please re-activate it using the new generic key for Academic Year 2011-2012. You may have to add the --force flag to the command:

rhnreg_ks --force --activationkey=<new-key-from-the-UWARE-page>

** More Details:

More information on the UW Red Hat Linux license is available on the UWARE pages beginning at:


Installation and configuration options are described at:


Please remember to keep your RHEL systems updated and protected. Just like all other operating systems Red Hat Linux requires system updates, virus protection and maintenance to work safely on the UW networks.

Please address all questions you may have to help at uw.edu<mailto:help at uw.edu> .

On behalf of the UW RHEL support team.

Eugene Sherman
UW Information Technology
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UW Mailbox: 359540
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