[Popgenlunch] PopGenLunch / Genome 590 schedule

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Thu Jan 17 08:53:58 PST 2008

Folks --

In the organizational meeting of PopGenLunch and Genome 590 we had the
following schedule set up, by an unusually public-spirited group who
actually signed up for many early slots:

Date Who Topic
------ -------------- ------------------------------

1/18 (today) Joe Felsenstein A quantitative genetic
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck phylogeny model

1/25 Chul Joo Kang maybe something on recombination
hot spot inferences?

2/1 Yaming Di (maybe)

2/8 Josh Akey statistics on genome scans

2/15 TBA

2/22 TBA (Joe will possibly be out of town)

2/29 Pui Yee Fong her work

3/7 Weny Zhou her work (maybe coalescents)

We still need volunteers for 2/15 and 2/22 (Bruce? Elizabeth?).
And we need titles for the talks. If you have links or citations
to references for your talk they can be emailed to this mailing list,
which you can all post to by mailing to popgenlunch at u.washington.edu

As you are all aware, talks are at 12:00-1:20 in S110 Foege Building.

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
University of Washington, Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA

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