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Hi, all,

Tomorrow, I will review this paper,

Stephens and Donnelly, 2000, Inference in Molecular Population Genetics.

Here is link to the paper,

The paper is in JSTOR. As a comparison, this paper by Joe's group is also

Kuhner, Yamato, Felsenstein, 1995, Maximum Likelihood Estimation of
Population Growth Rates Based on the Coalescent.

Other references listed in Stephens and Donnelly are also very useful,
especially another one by Joe's group (Felsenstein et al, 1999), but I
didn't find an online version for this.

I am sure that many of you are already very familiar with these papers. I
hope it will generate some good discussions.


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> Here are the speakers for rest of the upcoming quarter:


> 2/1 Yaming Di

> 2/8 Josh Akey

> 2/15 TBA

> 2/22 TBA (I will probably be out of town that day)

> 2/29 Pui Yee Fong

> 3/7 Wenyu Zhou

> 3/14 TBA


> So we need some more volunteers (Elizabeth? Bruce?)


> I don't have a topic yet for tomorrow's talk by Yaming Di. Maybe he

> could email to this mailing list and let us know the topic and any

> references.


> Joe

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