[Popgenlunch] Seminar by David Bryant on Sept. 3

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Mon Aug 25 09:23:10 PDT 2008

Folks --

David Bryant from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, will be
visiting UW from 2 September to 4 September. He will give a seminar
on his work:

David Bryant

Associate Professor of Mathematical Biology
Department of Mathematics
University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand


will speak on:

Bypassing the gene trees: inferring species trees directly from
unlinked binary markers.

at 1:30 pm

Wednesday, September 3

in S110 Foege Building (the largish seminar room on the 1st floor,
but not the big auditorium in Foege)

Below is an abstract. Please do not hesitate to forward this to
other mailing lists.

When species have only recently diverged, even systematic biologists can't
ignore population genetics. Individual gene trees needn't be concordant with
the species tree, and in some situations they are more likely not to be. The
coalescent provides an elegant theoretical framework for inference about the
species tree. In practice the coalescent is computationally demanding
because of the need to integrate out all possible gene trees. In this talk I
describe newly developed algorithms that bypass the need to sample gene
trees, allowing us to compute the likelihood of a species tree directly from
a collection of unlinked binary markers. Both finite site and infinite site
mutation models are handled. The likelihoods can be used for Bayesian or
Maximum Likelihood inference on the species tree and its parameters. This is
joint work with Noah Rosenberg.

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