[Popgenlunch] This quarter

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Mon Sep 28 12:01:19 PDT 2009

PopGenLunch folks --

Can we get off to a quick start this quarter? I will talk during the
quarter, but that project still needs a little more work. Is anyone
else ready to talk this week? Next?

Assuming that Fridays at 12:30-ish is OK, I have asked for S040 (the
downstairs seminar room opposite the elevator). It is used by
Global health until 12:15 Fridays, so we can have it after that.
S110, our usual room, is scheduled at 1:30 so I preferred S040,
which we can have until 2:00pm.

I'll shortly confirm that we have reserved S040.

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
University of Washington, Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA

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