[Popgenlunch] [EvolSyst] Re: forensic phylogenetics

Richard Olmstead olmstead at u.washington.edu
Wed Nov 17 11:17:30 PST 2010

I presume this was said tongue in cheek. If not, I would simply
point out that phylogenetic reconstruction is a pretty well accepted
method of scientific inference. It's use in previous HIV/AIDS court
cases is well documented. One of the co-authors of this paper, as
well as one of the members of our EvolSyst listserve, owe their
election to the National Academy of Sciences in no small part to
their contributions to developing phylogenetic inference as a
fundamental approach to understanding biology.


At 10:32 PM -0800 11/16/10, Dustin Lennon wrote:
Wow. It's kind of terrifying that phylogenetic inference is now
admissible as evidence in court.

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