[Popgenlunch] [EvolSyst] Re: forensic phylogenetics

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Wed Nov 17 12:09:56 PST 2010

Dick said --

>> (Dustin Lennon had said)


>> Wow. It's kind of terrifying that phylogenetic inference is now

>> admissible as evidence in court.


> I presume this was said tongue in cheek. If not, I would simply

> point out that phylogenetic reconstruction is a pretty well accepted

> method of scientific inference. It's use in previous HIV/AIDS court

> cases is well documented.

Dustin's comment, which ended up being to EvolSyst but not to PopGenLunch,
*was* tongue in cheek.

He did raise an interesting question, though. If the method used in these
cases were Bayesian (actually it wasn't), what prior to use? Let's see a
"presumption of innocence" is ... what prior probability of guilt?

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