[Popgenlunch] PopGenLunch today: Chaozhi Zheng

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Fri Nov 4 07:09:23 PDT 2011

Reminder: today's talk is Chaozhi Zheng on

Inference of local trees along chromosomes from SNP data

and it will be given from Seattle, with video link so the UCLA people
can attend.

The remainder of this quarter's schedule is:

November 11 (Veterans Day, former Armistice Day, also Admission
Day) (*)

November 18 Sharon Browning Power of IBD mapping

November 25 (Thanksgiving Day holiday; "Black Friday", heaviest
shopping day of the year)

December 2 Peter Chi (S) (tba)

December 9 Julia Palacios Roman (S) (tba)

All sessions are in S110 Foege Building at 12:30-1:30 Fridays.
Talks indicated by (S) will be given by videoconferencing (from UCLA).

A footnote: what is this "Admission Day"? When I came to UW that's the
holiday that was celebrated by UW on November 11. It is a state holiday,
the anniversary of the founding (admission) of the state of Washington in
1889. It was a state holiday long before 1918. Some time in (maybe) the
1990s the University forgot which holiday it was celebrating and started
referring to it as Veterans Day. Veterans Day itself was a renaming of
Aristice Day. Originally it celebrated the great armistice that ended
World War I, but in the 1950s at the height of the Cold War the congress
deemed the name Armistice Day too peaceful and renamed it Veterans Day.

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