[Popgenlunch] No session this week, schedule for after that

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Wed Jan 11 20:46:56 PST 2012

Folks --

There will be no session this week as there is a conflict with Vivian
Cheung's talk Friday to the Medical Genetics seminar, which some of
us will attend.

Based on my interpretation of the messages a number of you sent me,
here is a draft schedule for after that:

1/13 No session

1/20 Serge Sverdlov (Stat) Using heavy tailed (and
specifically Cauchy) distributions for modeling quantitative traits

1/27 Elizabeth Thompson (Stat) tba

2/3 Julia Palacios Roman (Stat) Fast approximation
of Population Trajectories using Integrated Nested Laplace

2/10 Vladimir Minin (Stat) Genome-wide study of
microsatellite conservation in mammalian evolution

2/17, 2/24, and 3/2 are open (one will be me. Anyone? Going once,
going twice ...)

3/9 Sharon Browning (Biostat) tba

I put this schedule together based on what little I could discern
from your emails. I am sure there will be some of you who want to
move your slots -- email me and I'll revise this.

Sessions, as usual, will be at 12:30 in S110 Foege. I will have a
laptop there to broadcast to the Hutch. We don't have to broadcast
to UCLA this quarter, fortunately.

Joe Felsenstein, joe at gs.washington.edu
Dept. of Genome Sciences, Univ. of Washington
Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA
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