[Popgenlunch] PopGenLunch tomorrow (if there is a tomorrow)

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Thu Jan 19 14:37:40 PST 2012

Folks --

If the University is in session tomorrow, there will be a PopGenLunch
at the usual time (12:30) in this quarter's not-so-usual place S040
Foege. (That is the room opposite the elevator on the Ground floor).

With a couple of new volunteers and a couple of changes of topics/
titles the schedule is now:

Who What
------ -------

1/20 Serge Sverdlov (Stat)
Modeling the evolutionary processes generating polygenic quantitative
traits, with applications to whole genome prediction

1/27 Elizabeth Thompson (Stat) Rare
variants and IBD mapping

2/3 Julia Palacios Roman (Stat) Fast
approximation of population trajectories using integrated nested
Laplace approximations

2/10 Vladimir Minin (Stat) Genome-
wide study of microsatellite conservation in mammalian evolution

2/17 Joe Felsenstein (GS and Bio) Thoughts on
what multilocus population genetics says about fixation of mutants
that require two substitutions to be advantageous

2/24 Tim Thornton (Biostat) tba

3/2 Erick Matsen (FHCRC) Recent
work in the intersection of taxonomy and phylogeny

3/9 Sharon Browning (Biostat) tba

If the University is closed tomorrow (1/20) then Serge Sverdlov will
be rescheduled to 2/17 (which is OK with me!)

Thank you all for volunteering -- it restores my faith in the
goodness of human nature ...

Joe Felsenstein, joe at gs.washington.edu
Dept. of Genome Sciences, Univ. of Washington
Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA
CEO, PopGenLunch

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