[Popgenlunch] Serge Sverdlov speaks on Friday in PopGenLunch

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Wed May 30 20:05:08 PDT 2012

Serge Sverdlov will be our speaker this week, with the title:

Epistasis and heritability: separating functional interactions in gene
effect from non-additive variability within the population

There is one more talk, on 6/8:

Date: 6/8
Speaker: Ian Byrrell Stanaway, Nickerson lab, Department of Genome Sciences
Title: Saturation of population variation detection and implications for

All talks are in S110 Foege from 12:30-1:30pm.

(Again I remind you all that I will be away for all of Autumn Quarter. Before I go I can give someone else access to the mailing list and tell them how to schedule rooms -- or perhaps just schedule the rooms for the whole quarter myself before I go. But we will need a substitute CEO for the quarter. I will be on a short sabbatical in Berkeley. So people should consider who wants to volunteer.)

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