[Popgenlunch] Preliminary schedule for PopGenLunch

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Sat Jan 12 20:57:34 PST 2013

Thanks to a number of people for volunteering promptly. I have given
them their wishes, in first-come-first-served order. Our preliminary
schedule is now:

Date: 1/18
Who: Kerry Bubb (Genome Sciences)
Topic: (tba)

Date: 1/25
Who: Bruce Weir (Biostatistics)
Topic: Estimating Fst: a challenge from the Broad.

Date: 2/1
Who: (open)

Date: 2/8
Who: (open)

Date: 2/15
Who: (open)

Date: 2/22
Who: (open)

Date: 3/1
Who: Erick Matsen (FHCRC)
Topic: Fitting likelihood curves for fun and profit

Date: 3/8
Who: (open)

There lots of slots still unfilled, so more volunteers would be welcome.

The seminar will be, this quarter, in S040 Foege, the downstairs
seminar room opposite the elevators on Ground floor.

Joe Felsenstein, joe at gs.washington.edu
Dept. of Genome Sciences, Univ. of Washington
Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA

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