[Popgenlunch] Another population genetics talk on Friday

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Thu Oct 24 11:31:40 PDT 2013

One more talk Friday worth noting:

In addition to PopGenLunch, the hour after it (so 1:30-2:30pm) is Evolution and Systematics Seminar, which meets in 320 Hitchcock Hall, a short walk from PopGenLunch. This week Jake Cooper, a Biology grad student is speaking about his manuscript-in-prep on mutation-selection balance in subdivided populations. From Jake:

"We model mutation-selection balance in subdivided populations, and use a moment closure technique to solve the equations. The main result -- that subdivision boosts the mutant pool -- is checked for accuracy and robustness with lots of simulations. We then show how the findings affect walks on adaptive landscapes.

I'll explain the following along the way:
- mutation selection balance
- spatial structure
- moment closure
- adaptive landscapes

Then I'll outline my next project -- sex in subdivided populations -- and I'd love feedback. It's in the early early stages."

That is pure theoretical population genetics, worth supporting.

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
University of Washington, Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA

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