[Popgenlunch] Elizabeth Thompson on Friday

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Thu Dec 5 14:07:46 PST 2013

Folks --

Elizabeth Thompson will speak tomorrow (Friday)
at the usual PopGenLunch time and place: S110
at 12:30-1:30pm. Her title will be:

Models for the inference and use of
identity-by-descent in populations

This is the last PopGenLunch of the quarter.
I will speak first in Winter Quarter, on the 10th
of January (that quarter we will be in S040).

Elizabeth has provided us with an abstract,
though she says that "it has changed, At least
in the ordering/emphasis".

The abstract is:

Identical by descent (IBD) is the term used to
describe segments of DNA that descend from a
single ancestral haploid genome to current
individuals. Since DNA that is IBD has high
probability of being of the same allelic type,
IBD provides a basis for modeling similarities
among relatives both at the population and
pedigree level. Traditionally, IBD has been
considered in the pedigree context, where the
processes of meiosis and recombination, together
with the defined pedigree structure, provide
probabilities of IBD. Modern genetic data
provide opportunities to infer and use IBD among
individuals in a population in which pedigree
relationships are unknown.

I will first develop population-based models and
methods for inferring IBD among multiple
haplotypes. I will then show how IBD can be
used in the presence of allelic heterogeneity to
detect causal genome regions in a case-control
study. Finally, I will discuss current
developments and future directions for the use
of IBD in the analysis of trait data on members
of a population.

This work is joint with Chaozhi Zheng, Chris
Glazner, and Sharon Browning.

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