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Folks --

Bruce Weir (Biostatistics) is to present at PopGenLunch this Friday.

The title of his talk is

Allelic matching within and between populations

He describes it thusly:

Jerome Goudet and I have been exploring the properties of the statistic
(Mi-Mb)/(1-Mb), where Mi is the proportion of pairs of alleles in a sample
from population i are alike in state and where Mb is the average over all
pairs of populations of allelic matching between a pair of populations.
This quantity could be written in terms of "heterozygosities" as
(Hb-Hi)/Hb, which is reminiscent of statistics described by Nei. We have
found utility in using Mi, instead of the average matching proportion
within populations, and we have found some interesting relationships wit
the frequencies of the reference (or the derived) allele in published SNP

As usual for this quarter, the talk will be at


in the downstairs seminar room opposite the elevator in Foege South:

S040 Foege Building

(a building that is hidden somewhere behind a massive construction site:
try 15th Avenue or the road south of Health Sciences Center).

This is the last talk of the quarter, unless someone wants to volunteer for
next week. Next quarter we are in the upstairs room S110, where we have
met many times before. We will soon be soliciting volunteers for that
quarter (Kerry owes us a talk, maybe we can get her to agree to give it the
first week).

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