[Popgenlunch] Fwd: Postdoc position at IST Austria - Evolutionary Genomics

Joshua Schraiber schraib at uw.edu
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In case you’re interested in a postdoc in Vienna.

Joshua G. Schraiber, Ph.D.
NSF Postdoctoral Fellow
Akey Lab
Department of Genome Sciences
University of Washington
schraib at uw.edu

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> Subject: Postdoc position at IST Austria - Evolutionary Genomics

> Date: June 15, 2015 at 8:32:12 AM PDT

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> Dear all,


> A two-year postdoctoral position in evolutionary genomics is available in the Vicoso group at the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria. The general focus of the lab is the evolution of sex chromosomes, which we investigate using a combination of experimental and computational approaches. Questions that motivate our research include: why do some Y/W chromosomes degenerate while other remain homomorphic? What forces drive some species to acquire global dosage compensation, while others only compensate specific genes? What are the frequency and molecular dynamics of sex-chromosome turnover?


> The successful applicant will apply comparative genomics analyses to a wide variety of species, and combine them with population DNA and gene expression data, to achieve a better understanding of the evolutionary and molecular forces driving sex chromosome differentiation. Candidates wishing to work on a specific project in sex chromosome evolution are also encouraged to apply.


> Please find the full ad attached to this mail,


> Best,

> Beatriz Vicoso

> beatriz.vicoso at ist.ac.at

> Assistant Professor, IST Austria


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