[Popgenlunch] substitute teacher for Evolutionary Genetics October 26 and 28?

Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at u.washington.edu
Wed Jun 22 11:03:20 PDT 2016

Hi PopGen members,

I have been asked to serve on a panel October 26-28, which would require
finding a substitute teacher for 2 sessions of Genome 453 (Wednesay 26th
and Friday 28th October). This class meets 11:30-12:20 in Foege South
room S110. The two classes would most naturally cover quantitative
genetics but I am willing to rearrange a bit if a different topic would
be better.

The class usually has 18-25 students, a mix of seniors and graduate
students. It's very much oriented on problem-solving and we usually do
a few problems in class each session.

I can provide PDF lecture slides or the substitute could make his/her

Would anyone be interested in doing this? I could cover 1-2 sessions
of someone else's class in return, or help grade an exam.

I will note that this is not an emergency, as I can just turn down the
panel. I'm just checking to see if it's possible. So don't offer if it
would be a big pain to do.

Best wishes,
Mary Kuhner mkkuhner at uw.edu

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