[Popgenlunch] Opportunity to collect PopGen classic texts

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Mon Nov 21 11:59:29 PST 2016

Elizabeth Blue said:

A buddy of mine, Norman Buroker, has a number of classic population

> genetics books he is hoping to re-home. I've already claimed "The Genetics

> of Human Populations" by

> Cavalli-Sforza and Bodmer and the Crow and Kimura intro book, but he has

> several more: ex., four volumes by Sewall Wright. If you are interested in

> treasuring a classic

> text, email him at nburoker at uw.edu.


I've already got all of those. They are absolute classics, so I hope they
will get to a good home.

(So is Norm's thesis work, which I read as I was on his Ph.D. committee).

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