[Popgenlunch] Fwd: Mike Dorrity speaks tomorrow (Wednesday) in PopGenLunch

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Tue Jan 31 13:13:50 PST 2017

PopGenLunch folks --


Alice Popejoy

of Public Health Genetics will be our speaker, on

a topic To Be Announced
but probably concerning her search for shifts in purifying selection
in multilocus datasets with multiple species.
This will be a practice talk for a postdoc interview upcoming.

As usual this quarter, not on the first floor but in the downstairs
small seminar room opposite the elevator, S040. And as usual, from
12:30 -- 1:30pm.

We have now got all slots filled for the quarter.
Here is the schedule as I know it:

February 1
Alice Popejoy
Public Health Genetics
(A postdoc interview practice talk, title TBA)

February 8
Bowen Wang
Efficient estimation of realized kinship from SNP genotypes
(their paper:)

February 15
Aaron Baraff
Likelihood-based haplotype frequency modeling using variable-order Markov chains

February 22
Serena Tucci
Akey Lab, Genome Sciences
A review of models of Out of Africa

"based on the following papers which came out few months ago together
with ~800 new human genomes:"


March 1
Max Press
Genome Sciences
Genome-scale microsatellite variation across Arabidopsis strains,
including something about detecting selection on these loci

March 8
Qian Sophia Zhang
TBA -- probably her Fst project

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
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