[Popgenlunch] Joe talks Friday in PopGenLunch on Granville Sewell's thermodynamic refutation of evolution

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Thu Apr 20 12:28:39 PDT 2017

As I mentioned previously, I will speak tomorrow, Friday (April 21) at
the usual time and place:


in S110 Foege Building

on "Has Granville Sewell used thermodynamics to disprove evolution?"

The link to Sewell's argument is:


The schedule for the rest of this quarter is:

April 28
Andy Magee (Biology)
Applications of the Horseshoe prior to Bayesian phylogenetics

May 5
Arman Bilge (Statistics)
Probabilistic Path Hamiltonian Monte Carlo for Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference

May 12
Xiaowen Tian (Biostatistics)
Mutation rates estimation from IBD segment

May 19*
Sharon Browning (Biostatistics)
Detecting tracts of ancient introgression

May 26*
Qian Sophia Zhang (Biostatistics)
Fst, probably

June 2**

* On these two dates I will be at Friday Harbor Labs and will
participate by Skype, with Serena Tucci leading the session.

** On this date I will also be at Friday Harbor and will participate
by Skype. Serena Tucci may or may not be available to lead the
session; we are interested in other possible volunteers.

Joe (CEO, PopGenLunch)
Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
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