[Popgenlunch] Another interesting lecture

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Thu May 3 22:15:59 PDT 2018

Since we're not having a PopGenLunch session this week, an interesting
alternative is Ellen Wijsman (of UW Medical Genetics and also of
Biostatistics) in Medical Genetics Seminar (in K069 of K-Wing of
Health Sciences Center) on

“Adventures in analysis of whole genome
sequence data in the Alzheimer's
disease sequencing project”

(Don't be misled by the title, she is really a
population geneticist and statistical geneticist.)

Medical Genetics Seminar perfectly conflicts
with PopGenLunch, 12:30 on Fridays.

See you there

Joe Felsenstein joe at gs.washington.edu
Department of Genome Sciences and Department of Biology,
University of Washington, Box 355065, Seattle, WA 98195-5065 USA

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