[PopGenLunch] PopGenLunch updates

Kelley Harris harriske at uw.edu
Thu Sep 27 10:08:45 PDT 2018

Hi everyone,

As you may recall from the spring, Joe Felsenstein has appointed me CEO of
a little corporation called PopGenLunch that grew once upon a time from a
startup into a 40+-year-old megacorp, and I wanted to give you all an
update on how that's going. The current fiscal year has been derailed a bit
because I was appointed CEO of the Harris Lab around the same time and am
still learning to manage the commute between the two executive offices.
We're going to have a 1-quarter PopGenLunch hiatus while I work on getting
my act together, but in the winter we'll come back with the help of a newly
appointed Chief Operations Officer, my new postdoc Jed Carlson. Thanks for
your patience until then!

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