[PopGenLunch] The week in popgen lunch: Joe Felsenstein, CEO Emeritus

Kelley Harris harriske at uw.edu
Mon Jan 14 07:37:44 PST 2019

Hi everyone,

On Wednesday at 12 PM in S-040, Joe Felsenstein is going to be exploring a
provocative question:

"Have Basener and Sanford proven that much of theoretical population
genetics is wrong?"

Part of the lecture will be given by Tom English from Tulsa, Oklahoma over
Skype. Tom and Joe have been working on a response to the following paper:

William F. Basener and John C. Sanford
The fundamental theorem of natural selection with mutations
Journal of Mathematical Biology
June 2018, Volume 76, Issue 7, pp 1589–1622

For background, there is a youtube video of a talk by William
Basener on the Basener / Sanford paper:
It helps give some sense of what conclusions
those authors draw from their paper.

See you Wednesday,

Kelley Harris
Assistant Professor of Genome Sciences
University of Washington
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