[Segway-announce] Segway 1.3.1 released

Eric Roberts eroberts at uhnresearch.ca
Tue Oct 13 08:57:36 PDT 2015

We are pleased to announce the availability of Segway 1.3.1!

This release is being made to primarily address Segway's compatibility
with the newer release of Numpy. In addition Segway now handles and
reports better information regarding ruler and segment length
constraints. Multiple Genomedata archive and track handling was also
improved by handling the case of using a track subset with archives
containing overlapping track names.

Please let me know if you have any comments on Segway, its
documentation, web site, installation, or anything else. (The
preferred place to make these comments is on the segway-users mailing
list or by reporting an issue on the issue tracker, both linked from
the main web site).

Here is a full list of changes made since the last announcement here:


Bug Fixes

* segway: fix numpy array casting bug in posterior with newer versions of
numpy (>= 1.10)
* segway: fixed case where a track was specified that existed in more than 1


* segway: ruler default is now 10x resolution. Default resolution is
still 1,
so default ruler is 10
* segway: helpful error messages when segment table boundaries or the
is not divisible by the ruler


* various documentation updates

Known Bugs: To see all known bugs head to the issue tracker at

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