[statnet_help] Evaluation our curriculum with ergms?

Joshua Dohmen jdohmen at uni-koblenz.de
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I hope you don't mind me asking my rookie question here. But the world of
network analysis is sometimes a bit confusing for me. I am trying to answer
a question concerning our study programme in pedagogy. I was wondering if
ERGMs or tERGMs are a possible way to answer it.

So what is it about? We have installed a format that we call “study
partnership”. These are groups of students who meet once a week to discuss
and debate all study-related issues. We are now wondering whether the study
partnerships really have an influence on the exchange of knowledge between
students. So I collected network data at two different time points to check
whether the importance of study partnerships for knowledge exchange is
increasing or decreasing.

Is it possible to answer such a question in principle with tERGMs? If so, I
would try to get my data into statnet using something like
nodematch('studypartnerships')? The results should give me a tie-formation
and a tie-dissolution probability which is not quite clear to me right now.

Thank you for any advice on what to look out for! Sorry for my lack of
knowledge on this. The tutorials on github are fantastic. I really want to
learn more about these methods.

Kind regards,



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