[statnet_help] STERGM: links driving attribute change

Joshua Dohmen jdohmen at uni-koblenz.de
Wed Feb 5 01:14:55 PST 2020

Hi list,

Is it possible to model weather tie-formation/tie-dissolution leads to
attribute change (using stergm)?

This been a topic here:

[statnet_help] STERGM and selection vs influence:

[statnet_help] STERGM with time-varying nodal covariates:

What would the interpretation look like?

If a node i is involved in tie-formation (between t1 and t2) -- ... is it
likely for i to take over the attribute value of j? .is it likely for i and
j to have the same attribute value at t2?

And when the attribute is numeric -- . the value difference is getting

The postings are already a little bit older. If there are some new
developments that I might not have found, I would be happy to hear about it.



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