[statnet_help] Likelihood and AIC from mtergm() in the btergm package by Leifeld

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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post regarding btergm, but I thought I'd try as other related posts appear in the archives.

I am currently working with a dynamic network (four annual cross-sections) of vessel associations in a North Sea trawl fishery. I am exploring both tergm::stergm() and btergm::mtergm() as alternative modeling methods. I am interested in using AIC to compare alternative models within (not between) each of these packages (in addition to examining MCMC chains, checking degeneracy and GOF). I can easily extract these values from stergm(), but in mtergm() the S4 slots for likelihood, aic, and bic mtergm are all NA. In addition, attempts to directly obtain these values with "AIC(mtergm.model) " result in:

Error in UseMethod("logLik") :
no applicable method for 'logLik' applied to an object of class "mtergm"

Are these slots place holders for compatibility with other packages or have I missed something in the manual and associated publication (Leifeld et al. 2018)? I think the answer is pretty clear, but I wanted to double check before I moved on. Thank you for considering my query.

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