[statnet_help] Meaning and use of nodesqrtcovar (centered vs. uncentered)

Haenni, Malena malena.haenni at unisg.ch
Tue Jun 9 04:34:17 PDT 2020

Dear statnet-community

I am working with valued ERGMs with count data on public policy cooperation networks of substates. My networks (26 nodes, 325 edges) are undirected and full graphs. To model network dependencies I include sum (obviously), transitiveties (at a given threshold) and nodesqrtcovar to. Here my questions.

What is the difference between the centered and the uncentered term of nodesqrtcovar? When should I use which?

Also, based on the explanations in the help menu, I still struggle to understand the intuition behind nodesqrtcovar. Based on the explanation that it is a valued analog of a 2-star/kstar(2) I understand this as a way to capture activity/popularity of particular nodes. Is this correct? I would very much appreciate an example of a more intuitive way how to interpret this term.

And a big "thank you!" to the developers' team and much appreciation for all the effort you put into it. Ever since the newest release my problems with the traceplots for valued ERGM vanished. I am so grateful!

Kind regards

Malena Haenni
Phd candidate

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