[statnet_help] Relaxing default convergence criteria on ERGMs

Khanna, Aditya [MED] akhanna at medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu
Thu Jun 18 18:57:38 PDT 2020

Hello All –

I am attempting to fit a dyadic dependent ERGM on a network with 32,000 nodes. The model converges once:

The log-likelihood improved by 1.231.
Step length converged once. Increasing MCMC sample size.

But then the job is killed because it runs up against the maximum wall-time on my system (36 hours). I am wondering if there is a simple modification I can make to the control parameters to stop the fitting process after the step length converges the first time? I would like to, if possible, examine the networks that can be simulated from the fit after the first time the step length converges and compare the generated structure to my targets.

The Rout from this session is available at https://gist.github.com/khanna7/11251361f3ef92d2240ddf23f24f1999.

Many thanks for your time,
Aditya Khanna

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