[statnet_help] Interactions in a distance-dependent model

Adam Haber adamhaber at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 03:07:23 PDT 2020


Following a recent question I’ve posted here (and got very helpful responses - thank you!), I’m trying to add more “domain knowledge” into the model. Specifically, the nodes in the network we're studying are embedded in 3D, and we’ve seen that (as expected) adding distance-dependence to the model (via an edgecov(x) term such that x is the distance matrix) indeed improves the GOF.

I want to take this one step further: I know that if there’s a (directed) edge i->j, and j and k are “close” (spatially), it should increase the probability that there’s an edge i->k. Another option would be to “discretize” the distances and group nodes into groups of “spatial loci", and add a term that if there’s an edge i->j and j and k are in the same spatial cluster (a binary indicator function), than this should increase the probability of the edge i->k.

Is there a way to incorporate this sort of reasoning into an ergm model using any of the available terms? I went over the examples I could find and did not encounter anything similar...

Thanks again,
Adam Haber

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