[statnet_help] Data Analytics KTP Associate (Network Science and Graph Ontologies)

Leifeld, Philip philip.leifeld at essex.ac.uk
Wed Aug 26 15:30:49 PDT 2020

Dear all,

Sorry for hijacking the statnet_help list for this purpose, but this
might be interesting for some folks here:

We are offering a position for an industry placement in London for
somebody with experience and an interest in network analysis and graph
ontologies. The position requires an MSc or a PhD in a relevant subject
and is for 33 months.

The position is part of a knowledge transfer partnership between the
University of Essex and Preqin, a London-based company that provides
financial data and information on the alternative assets market (private
capital and hedge funds).

The data analytics associate will employ graph databases and network
science to model the network of fund managers, investors, and deals and
to predict which deals ought to be realised but are not, as part of
Preqin's business model.

The associate will be based in Preqin's Head Office in London and will
also be affiliated with the Department of Government at the University
of Essex. The associate is expected to collaborate on journal
publications with the academic team using the firm's data. Hence the
position should be attractive for candidates who would either like to
stay in academia or move into an industry career. The deadline is 24

More information on the Essex vacancies page or here:


I am happy to answer any questions.

Best wishes,


Philip Leifeld
Professor, Department of Government
University of Essex

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