[statnet_help] TERGM: "vertex.pid must be specified when network sizes of network.list are different"

Wang, Jeffery Shih-Chieh jscw at iu.edu
Thu Dec 17 13:49:39 PST 2020

Hi all,

I am working on TERGM analysis and my size of nodes of each is different in each year. So, I am stuck on how to converting my network lists into the networkDynamic objects for TERMG analysis. Below are the codes and the message I’ve got:

Code 1:
datalist <- list(pol.06.graph, pol.07.graph, pol.08.graph, pol.09.graph, pol.10.graph, pol.11.graph, pol.12.graph, pol.13.graph, pol.14.graph ,pol.15.graph, pol.16.graph, pol.17.graph,pol.18.graph, pol.19.graph)
#these are my network in different years

Code 2:
polnet.all <- networkDynamic(network.list = datalist)
#(When I was trying to converting the networks into networkDynamic objects, I got the message saying that "vertex.pid must be specified when network sizes of network.list are different"

I am analyzing an organization’s project co-sponsorship network. The total nodes are 21. But some nodes in different years did not involve in the co-sponsorship activities. Thus, for example, my network data in 2018 has 19 nodes, but in 2018 has 20 nodes, etc..

I still haven’t figured out how to specify vertex.pid. Do I need to specify pid (persistent IS) in each year? If so, how to do it? Or simply specify the names of the 21 nodes? Could anyone advise?

Thank you so much in advance!

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